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Hi! I’m Esther.

I’m so glad you stopped by.  Oh, you want to know more about me?  Thank you for asking!  I love classic movies, loud laughter, playing charades, sunrise runs, stacks of books, my amazing family and friends and long walks on the beach.  Wait a minute, this isn’t my dating profile, this is my blog!  I’m so sorry for the confusion.  Let me try that again.

I believe in the power of the written word and the beauty of transformation and empowering others.  I’m equal parts silly and serious, vulnerable and fierce, spunky and sweet.  Join me as we embrace the brave, the whimsical and the audacious together.  And here’s my promise to you, dear Reader – I promise to write with intention, grace and courage – and I promise to bleed into the page every chance I get.

I invite you to journey with me and discover whimsy and the sacred together.

With love from Colorado,


PS – Let’s connect! esther@estherlaurie.com