Awakening to Wonder

6492478What if life was more than what we see with these saline eyes?  What if there was more just beyond the surface of reality?  What if we prayed an audacious prayer to go higher and deeper into that sphere?

Imagine what you might see.

Would you see beauty and joy in its purest form, blinding in its purity and radiance?  When laughter rings out, would the sky explode with brilliant color?

Perhaps you would see the pain and sorrow of this world marked by sweeping blue hues gently streaming from men, women and children alike.

Would you see the intensity of hate and evil sneak about in inky smoke?  Would you see evil seductively striding from person to person?

Would you see good encircled by an army of light?  Warriors.  Men, women and children of story who dance and fight as one light.  Can you hear them call out to you?

Lean in and listen.  What secret is he whispering to you?

Embrace the wonder.  Enter this story.

Don’t be disillusioned.  This is no fairytale.  This is light and this is darkness.  A narrative of all that is evil and all that is good.  This is where light tells a story and darkness must listen.  This is where beauty dances, joy sings and passion fights.

Will you awaken to this world?  Will you awaken to wonder?

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