Destination Disney

838085I arrived in Florida last Monday and was immediately ushered into registration and orientation, all to the beat of the latest Disney Mania music mix, of course.  After recieving information about my role at the Casting Center, I headed back to my new apartment to meet my new roommates.

I enjoyed Traditions the next morning, where I got to watch videos of Walt Disney himself  and learned all about his legacy, and the part we play in honoring his legacy and his staying true to his philosophies.  A tour through Utiladors (the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom) was exciting, but the greatest moment was when Mickey Mouse himself came for a surprise visit and brought us our Cast Member name tags!

My first few days at work were overwhelming, but fun.  I am working at the attraction at Hollywood Studios called The American Idol Experience.  It is as it sounds – a show where you can experience American Idol, as see on TV.  You can sit in the audience and enjoy our Guest performers and even vote for your favorite one!  Or if you really want to experience American Idol, you can audition to be a participant in the show!

I was surprised to find out that The Disney College Program is not actually an internship.  The program just consists of working in the Parks.  Although it’s not what I expected, I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead.  Thank you for your support and prayers!  I love you and miss you all!

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