Awakening to Glory

809880We look within.  Obsessed by troubles, doubt and human goodness.  No light within.  Trapped in a cell of our own bodies and minds.

We look out and see the face of God in Christ our Lord.  God living and breathing in me.

Delivered from my state of death.  Awakened to Christ in me the hope of glory.

We stand not within ourselves, but out in an open free space where He has been waiting all along.

“Light up the darkness, Little One,” is what He said.

Light pours forth.

Light impacting me, light streaming from me.  Light surrounds and abounds from all directions.

Light pulling others in, its magnetism inviting them into the kingdom.  To come, rest, and just be.

The promises of God in my open palms.  Hands and heart extended to heaven as one.

He takes my frail human dreams and expands them into the universe.  No longer my dreams, but His.  Glorious in nature.  Far greater than I could imagine.  More extravagant than I would ever dare to ask.

I see a glimpse, a glimpse of what is promised.  That promise rests in my heart and spurs me forward.

We recognize the song of heaven sung out across the open space.  A familiar tune we were born to hear and embrace.

Light from His Being, His Spirit strengthens me.  Not rough, but a gentle constant inner strength.  Light softly pulsating from within.

Letting go of my small life and pathetic control.  Surrendering to Him who is greater.  Fully impacted by Grace.  Full breaths of blessed air.  Fresh, full draws of grace mixed with glory.

Awakened to the free life.  Lean in and listen to His call.

Christ cultivating a free spirit within me. Living unreservedly, energized and stirred by God’s Spirit.

His Spirit.  My closest companion, my heart’s guide, my mind’s sculptor.  Power and light collide within me.  He whispers to me of glory unseen and grace to be consumed.

His love has the first and last word.  Hemmed in by grace.  Overflowing with the light of His being.

I am His and He is mine.  Life, together, in the open free space.

Dancing in light that arouses His glory in me.  Breathing in love so pure it hurts and yet heals.  Embraced by grace that draws me in deeper and higher.  Awakened by the Father as He covers me with His dreams and delight.

Christ in me the hope of glory.

“Wake up Little Light.  Will you come to this open space with Me?”

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