4897534Fall is in the air, well not really, it’s still warm and wonderful, but it just seemed fitting to start out by saying that.  October brought with it the loveliness of fall as well as a surprise visit from my good friend and favorite former choir teacher Darren!  I was determined to make Darren’s first trip to Disneyworld a truly magical experience, so with Pluto hat, camera, trading pins and Disney crocs in tow, we began our journey at Epcot.

At Epcot, we journeyed to Mars, survived a crash test, soared over California (which is tricky when you’re in Florida) and we found Nemo.  A trip around the world was delightful, but the greatest delight of them all was seeing the parks though fresh eyes.  I’ve been determined not to take for granted the magic of being at Disneyworld, but being at the parks with someone seeing it all for the first time reminded me why I’m here and breathed life into that magic once again.  Speaking of magic, let’s go to the Magic Kingdom!

The Magic Kingdom was adorned with pumpkins and fall décor galore as the “Three Caballeros” set out to conquer Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  The Headless Horseman led the way and thus began a parade filled with lovable characters and friendly spooks.  There were rides to ride, and candy to acquire and commandeer for children of all ages (just ask Darren and his magical “First Visit” button).  As if the night couldn’t be any better, fireworks lit the sky in true Disney form.  After all that ghostly music, we just couldn’t help ourselves, so we gathered up our courage to brave The Haunted Mansion.  You better not think I’m joking, because I’m dead serious . . .

After racing through space, enjoying a trip to Neverland and surviving “the wildest ride in the wilderness,” our haunted Halloween evening had to come to an end, or was it just the beginning?

What this fall will hold for us all, I can only guess.  But I do know this – Good friends are where the magic is.  So wherever you are this fall, whatever you’re doing, take time to celebrate the changes of the season with friends and family.  And with the falling of the leaves, may your cares fall to the ground.  Love, laugh and dream big.  It’s fall and anything is possible!  As Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

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