The American Idol Experience

4131074We’re live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . . Hello everyone and welcome to The American Idol Experience!  Please welcome your host, Esther Owen!

Well, although I’m not the host of the show, I am now officially qualified to welcome you into our American Idol Experience Audition Facility, Studio 2B, and see you to your Casting Director where you will sing a 30 second a cappella song for your audition.  Are you ready to sing?  Alright, let’s go!  Then, if you make it past one of our Casting Directors, I will welcome you into our Coke-a-Cola Lounge where you will rehearse a song from our Idol song list to sing for the Producer.  This is when you really give it your all!  Are you ready to go?  Great!  As you’re singing for the Producer, they are not only listening to your voice, but are also checking to see how you look on camera, your stage presence and your song choice!

Did you make it past our Producer?  If you did, then congratulations!  I will now check you into our backstage access where hair and make-up, and voice coaches will take it from there!  Do you have family or friends with you?  Great!  I will now welcome them into The American Idol Experience theater where they will be shown to their VIP seats.  Don’t worry, we’ll get them in the theater before the rush of Guests come in.

Speaking of Guests, I hope you all enjoyed the pre-show as you were waiting to enter the theater!  And don’t forget to cheer for that cute blond girl giving an official Idol Spiel for the Guests waiting to come in to the theater!  Alright, are you in your seat now?  Great, because it’s show time!  Over to you Ryan Seacrest!

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